I) Peace of Mind

Time is of the essence in this fast paced society, with unpredictable circumstances such as breakdowns or accidents, projects or deadlines or appointment will be affected. With our 24/7 support service and replacement vehicle made readily available, together we can minimize any downtime loss drastically, providing a peace of mind and ensuring a smooth operational work flow with the lowest disruption. Additional, our specialized in-house workshop will ensure and maintain our fleet of cars in mint and roadworthy conditions.

II) Lowering Risk & Removing Unpredictable Expenses

With the volatile car market in Singapore, uncertainty in the resale price arises during the disposal of the vehicle. This can be worrisome for business and individual alike. With predictable monthly payments, more accurate projections can be made. Additional no bill shocks from repair, insurance premium hikes or even inflation from maintenance of vehicle will occur as compared to self ownership.

III) Low Capital Outlay

Substantial capital outlay are required to have ownership of a car in Singapore with the current ranging from 30% to 40% down payment of the vehicle price. This restriction severely limits cash flow for expansion during times of opportunity. Compared to the low deposit amount for our leasing packages, more productive use of the difference down-payment savings can be made.

IV) Focusing on Core Business/Improved Efficiency

Self-ownership of car with the regular maintenance, payments for tax & insurance, not mentioning unforeseeable circumstances such as accidents and breakdowns is time consuming. Specializing in all things related to cars, we will be able to manage and provide a comprehensive leasing package, freeing up internal resources that could be put into more effective in other areas which improves the core business of the company.

V) Flexibility

Contracts ranging from monthly to 7 years can be tailored to your specification with brand new models or any models that your business requires available for selection. This flexibility and relatively low commitment, as compared to self ownership, empowers more adaptive measures or directional change to be taken in this ever changing business environment.