Start-Stop Technology: How Does it Affect Fuel Consumption?


Start-Stop Technology: How Does it Affect Fuel Consumption?

August 16, 2019


Ever since start-stop technology has been introduced for vehicles, people have been skeptical about its effects on fuel consumption. Some might even say it’s overhypedthat it merely saves only a small amount of fuel.


In reality, a start-stop system does a lot more than you think; it even reduces the amount of fuel by a large margin. 


Nowadays, it’s a staple for most vehicles, making it a popular feature to consider for every would-be car owner. How does the technology of a start-stop system work anyway?


How a start-stop system works


The start-stop system reduces fuel consumption and exhaust emissions when the engine is turned off and while the vehicle is decelerating. This feature is handy for when you are driving around the city.


When the vehicle is at a stop, the system shuts off the engine. On the other hand, when the engine is starting, the starter generator pulls electricity from the capacitor or battery.


Since Singapore is a robust city with complex routes, having a car with start-stop technology is an advantage for the car’s fuel economy. 


A study has discovered that using a start-stop system can improve a car’s fuel economy by over eight per cent in heavy traffic. This proves that the start-stop system is a long-term feature worth considering before you buy or rent a car.


Saving Money?


It may seem like it’s futile at first, but start-stop technology can truly save money in the long run. In over a decade, your car with an idle start-stop system can save you thousands of dollars. 


Besides that, it’s healthy for the environment. A start-stop system will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 610 to 3,540 kg.


To save money, utilise your start-stop car by making sure its electronics are functioning well. Start-stop systems work by combining electronic controls with a battery and alternator. Make sure your vehicle’s systems are working perfectly so the start-stop technology will work safely and efficiently.


Also, keep in mind that you control the start-stop system with an ON and OFF button. When the system is switched off, the car behaves as it’s supposed to. On the other hand, when the switch is turned on, the system shuts down the engine when the speed is below 8 kilometres per hour. The start-stop system restarts the engine once the driver releases the brakes.


Keep note of these steps on how to utilise the start-stop technology as efficiently as possible.


Consider Its Uses Before Renting


Now that you’re fully aware of its benefits, be a knowledgeable car owner before you purchase or buy a vehicle. Make a good assessment of the vehicle before you rent one.


Make sure the car from your rental company in Singapore is fuel efficient! Assess its properties beforehand, so you’ll get the most benefits out of its start-stop technology.

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