5 Easy Ways To Save Petrol And Money


Tips on How to Save Petrol and Money

August 28, 2019

A car costs a great deal of money, not only because of the vehicle itself, but due to the additional expenses that include petrol, maintenance, and equipment.


Hence, saving petrol is important if you want to consider the benefits of your car rental company in Singapore. If you consume more fuel, you should then expect additional expenses in return.


Here are a few tips to ponder over so you can save both gas and money.


  1. Drive at moderate speeds


The simplest way to save on petrol is to drive at moderate speeds. Driving at an acceptable speed limit (as required by the law) is not only safer for the driver – it also increases the fuel economy.


That said, driving at slower speeds doesn’t automatically mean you’ll save fuel. The average car increases its fuel consumption at speeds below 50 km/h.


  1. Check your tyres


Your tyres can improve the vehicle’s handling. Thicker tyres mean better handling, but that also means it consumes more fuel—so what are some factors to consider?


Consider your driving skills and how proficient you are at turning and handling. If you’re fine with driving a vehicle with slightly poorer handling, then use thinner tyres instead to save petrol consumption.


Also, you can pump up your tyres regularly to avoid deflation. Deflated tyres not only jeopardize the driver’s safety, but they also decrease the fuel economy due to its increased rolling resistance.


  1. Travel light


Unless you’re travelling long distances, travel light as much as you can. The heavier the weight your car carries, the higher the fuel consumption. Remove any unnecessary weight from your car to decrease fuel consumption.


  1. Don’t leave your car idle


Leaving your engine on idle consumes more fuel than restarting it. Always switch your engine off when needed to save more fuel. You’ll be surprised to see how much fuel is consumed if you leave your car idle even for just a few minutes.


  1. Minimise braking


It’s common to halt abruptly when there’s traffic ahead. However, braking at unnecessary moments can consume more fuel. You can reduce fuel consumption by as much as 10% if you know when you should halt your car.


To do so, speed up according to the traffic ahead and anticipate the vehicles in front of you to avoid tailgating. This way, you’ll know when you should and shouldn’t halt abruptly.

Whether you own or lease a car, it’s best to save petrol and gas for any additional expenses that may occur. This is important if you consider the fact that most yearly car rental companies in Singapore are strict about vehicles being returned without a full tank. Follow these tips to save as much fuel and money as you can!


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