What is Car Sharing?
29 May 2024

Car sharing is a rental service provided by some car rental companies in Singapore, such as CL Leasing. It’s a type of car rental that usually charges customers at an hourly rate.


History tells that car sharing began in 1948 in Switzerland and eventually made its way in several other countries including Germany, the UK, and Singapore.


Today, it offers an easy way to access a wide variety of vehicles, but without the cost of owning them. The same is true for long-term car rental agencies in Singapore, which provides customers with more options.


However, many people get confused about the difference between car sharing and renting. The two may sound similar, but they’re very much different. In this article, learn more about car sharing and its advantages.


Car Sharing 101


Unlike a rental, car sharing charges the customer by an hourly rate, which may also include repair, maintenance, and insurance fees. Instead of having to fill out lengthy paperwork when renting, all you have to do is register to request a car.


The Advantages of Car Sharing


Aside from the ease of booking, there are many other advantages with car sharing services which you can benefit from:




Most car sharing companies are equipped with a website that allows users to request any available vehicle in real-time via mobile booking. This makes it convenient for customers who require a car immediately.




The hourly rate might seem expensive, but car sharing is a great deal if you need a short and quick trip to your destination. Depending on your needs, car sharing can be more cost-effective. A visit to CL Leasing can help you decide better – both rental and car sharing (Car Lite) services are available to provide you with the best of both worlds.


A Variety of Choices


Your dealer will provide you with a list of available cars, allowing you to select any vehicle as long as it’s available. Its flexibility encourages drivers to choose a vehicle that’s suitable for the situation or scenario. For example, you can select the most stylish car available if you need to attend a formal event.





When it comes to flexibility, it’s where car sharing shines. No longer will you need to adhere to the opening hours of most car rentals. With their website, you’re given flexibility with the collection and return timing.


When To Choose Car Sharing?


You may ask: between car rental and sharing, which one is more convenient and cost-effective? The answer depends on what you’re looking for. For instance, when you’re running short errands around the city, car sharing may be a cost-effective choice.


Request a vehicle depending on your needs. You can visit a car rental’s website, then search for the nearest car at any time for your convenience. While you’re at it, don’t forget to consider situations like heavy traffic that may cause some delays.




Car sharing is a cost-effective option that offers a wide range of choices. Choose the right car depending on your needs to get the most out of your car sharing deal.


For long-term car leasing services in Singapore, contact CL Leasing at +65 6769 7117. Visit us to rent or lease a vehicle now.

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