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We aim to provide our customers a hassle-free car through economical rental and leasing services, suitable for every occasion and easily accessible to motorists of all ages and driving experiences.

With new models introduced frequently, we provide better options to everyone, we strive to be Your Preferred Car Rental partner in Singapore.

Established since 2013, CL Leasing Pte Ltd has made leaps and bounds to become one of the leading car rental and car leasing company in Singapore. Tailoring packages catering to both business and individual users, our product terms range from daily rentals to long leases for periods of 7 years, depending on requirements.  A wide array of cars from compact hatchbacks, normal sedans, MPVs/SUVs to luxury models areavailable for selection.  Brand new cars from multiple brands are also within reach with our value for money leasing packages.


From families renting a car for their daily use or companies leasing a car for their team member’s needs, we cater to all needs.  We have served companies from different industries such as Aerospace, Banking & Finance, Construction, Education, Food & Beverage, Medical, Oil & Gas, Media, Marine,  and Insurance sectors.

Situated adjacent to our office is our very own In-House workshop which specialises in repair and maintenance works.  This in-house setup ensures our fleet of cars are consistently maintained in pristine and road-worthy conditions, giving the drivers a peace of mind while they are on the road. Coupled with our round-the-clock roadside assistance and on-demand replacement cars, you are always assured that our support is only just a friendly phone call away.

1 Bukit Batok Crescent,

WCEGA Plaza #04-56,

Singapore 658064.


Contact us and we will send you a formal quotation within 1 business day.


Upon request corporate client will be entitled to doorstep viewing of your desired car for leasing.

  • **Subjected to availability of the specified car.Upon request corporate client will be entitled to doorstep viewing of your desired car for leasing.
  • **Subjected to availability of the specified car.


Short Term Rentals

Rentals ranging from daily to monthly are readily available for both individual & companies alike. With multiply make and model of cars to choose from, you can almost always find a car suitable for all occasion throughout the year. **advance bookings are advised to avoid disappointment

Long Term Leasing

Leasing packages of 1 year to 7 years will allow you to choose from any available make and model of cars in the market. We will be able to tailor a leasing package accordingly to your specifications. Providing a low upfront fully refundable deposit, anyone can enjoy driving the car of your dreams or requirements with ease.


I) Peace of Mind

Time is of the essence in this fast paced society, with unpredictable circumstances such as breakdowns or accidents, projects or deadlines or appointment will be affected. With our 24/7 support service and replacement vehicle made readily available, together we can minimize any downtime loss drastically, providing a peace of mind and ensuring a smooth operational work flow with the lowest disruption. Additional, our specialized in-house workshop will ensure and maintain our fleet of cars in mint and roadworthy conditions.

II) Lowering Risk & Removing Unpredictable Expenses

With the volatile car market in Singapore, uncertainty in the resale price arises during the disposal of the vehicle. This can be worrisome for business and individual alike. With predictable monthly payments, more accurate projections can be made. Additional no bill shocks from repair, insurance premium hikes or even inflation from maintenance of vehicle will occur as compared to self ownership.

III) Low Capital Outlay

Substantial capital outlay are required to have ownership of a car in Singapore with the current ranging from 30% to 40% down payment of the vehicle price. This restriction severely limits cash flow for expansion during times of opportunity. Compared to the low deposit amount for our leasing packages, more productive use of the difference down-payment savings can be made.

IV) Focusing on Core Business/Improved Efficiency

Self-ownership of car with the regular maintenance, payments for tax & insurance, not mentioning unforeseeable circumstances such as accidents and breakdowns is time consuming. Specializing in all things related to cars, we will be able to manage and provide a comprehensive leasing package, freeing up internal resources that could be put into more effective in other areas which improves the core business of the company.

V) Flexibility

Contracts ranging from monthly to 7 years can be tailored to your specification with brand new models or any models that your business requires available for selection. This flexibility and relatively low commitment, as compared to self ownership, empowers more adaptive measures or directional change to be taken in this ever changing business environment.



Brand New Cars Available for Selection


Unlimited Mileage


24 Hrs Road Side Assistance


International License Accepted


Free Maintenance & Servicing


Dedicated Relationship


Replacement Vechicle


Free Road Tax


P – Plate Accepted


1) Vehicle Related Fees

Road tax, vehicle licensing fee, insurance premium.

2) Vehicle Repair & Maintenance

Covering all cost due to normal wear and tear conditions throughout the lease. These include but not limited to batteries, tyres, wiper blades, fuses, belts, headlights or light bulbs.

3) Insurance

Comprehensive Motor Insurance Coverage

4) Replacement vehicle

During any vehicle breakdown, scheduled servicing, repairs & maintenance, a replacement vehicle will be provided to minimise your loss of travelling without a car.

5) 24 Hours RoadSide Assistance

Support is crucial during times of need, with our round the clock assistance, there will always be someone standing by attending to your needs. Keep a leveled head and contact us, we are just a phone call away.

6) Onsite Exchange

Upon request, all exchange of vehicles for servicing and repair can be arranged at your specified location in Singapore.

7) Unlimited Mileage

Unlimited mileage comes with every rental/leasing contract for every car under our fleet.


A) Petrol

Pump as you use and return the same level of petrol during which you have collected.

B) Mileage

Unlimited mileage comes with every rental/leasing contract for every car under our fleet.

C) Malaysia

Entry to West Malaysia will be subjected to $25 per calendar day. No restriction for West Malaysia states are imposed.

D) Deposit

Short Term Rental Deposit must be placed to confirm any advance book or rental. It will be fully refundable upon the return of the rented vehicle in the same condition during collection.

1,600cc or less = $200
1,601cc or more = $300
Continental = $500 ~ $1000
**Subjected to change for brand new cars & long term leasing

E) Doorstep Delivery/Collection

Per trip charge of $40 will apply for doorstep delivery/collection of the vehicle within Singapore. Premise that required entry permits would require Hirer to collect/return the vehicle outside the specified premise.

F) Rental Rates

All rental & additional charges quoted are subjected to prevailing GST (Goods and Service Tax). Rates are all in Singapore Dollar.

G) Hirer’s Requirement

Hirer must possess an Identification Card & a valid Driving License. Traffic Police driving license slip are accepted as well. Foreigner are required to produce passport and a valid country license together with an international driver license.

H) Additional Drivers

No additional charges will be imposed for adding more drivers for proper insurance coverage. Additional drivers can be registered by submitting their Identification Card & Driving License.

I) Insurance Excess

Comprehensive Insurance comes with every rental within Singapore, For Malaysia Coverage additional charges will apply.

J) Vehicle Collection & Return

Rental are at blocks of Minimum 1 Day (24 hrs). Vehicle collection timing will be only during office working hours, with return timing being identical. **Minimum rental duration will differ during festive seasons or weekends.